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We have partnered with over 160 direct payday loan lenders, so be rest assured you are going to get one of the best service possible. The information you provide is kept completely confidential and secured. It will never be sold to any third party whatsoever. In fact the form in the site is secured.

For additional details please review our privacy policy.

Prospective lenders will evaluate your application information to determine whether they are able to offer you a cash advance loan.

However its not guaranteed that you will be approved for a loan. It is also not guaranteed that you will be approved for the amount you asked for which is a maximum of $1000. Depending on your application the lenders will decide how much loan should be offered to you.

Also it’s entirely up to you to reject/accept the loan offered for whatever reason.

The operator of this website is not a lender and does not make loan or credit decisions in connection with its loan matching service. This service is not available in all states and the states serviced by this website may change from time to time and without notice.

Cash advance lenders typically do not perform credit checks with the three credit reporting bureaus: Experian, Equifax, or Trans Union. A cash advance loan will not affect your credit score. However they may use Teletrack – a non-traditional consumer credit information bureau to know about your financial health.

If approved, read the terms carefully before accepting the loan.

Do not accept the terms and the loan if you are not comfortable with it. There is absolutely no obligation on your part to accept the loan terms.

Pay your loan back on time to avoid any further fee.

You must use payday loans wisely. Apply only if you are in urgent need of cash and are unable to get it from any other source.

Do not take a payday loan to gamble with the money for example buying lottery, investing in stock markets, or experimenting with derivatives.

Also please do not use payday loan cash to lend money to anyone. They may not return the money and you may have to payback the cash from your pocket.

NOTE: With a cash advance you can keep the money typically for 14 days or until your next payday, though you will have to return the money and the fee after 14 days. If for some reason you cannot repay and want to extend the loan, its possible. Lenders can give you another loan to payback the previous loan. But you need to inform them in advance. This is known as a Rollover. Please understand that a rollover incurs additional fee. However our advice is that you return the money and the fee on your next payday or as soon as possible even though a rollover is possible. Payday loan rollovers are NOT recommended. Payday loans are high interest loans and are meant to be kept for 14 days only. If you keep the money for more days you may end up paying a very high fee.

There are many payday loan companies online advertising that they offer loans for 100 day, 90 day, 60 day or 30 day. Please understand that not everyone gets a loan for 100 days, 90 days or whatever has been advertised. You may get a loan for 100 days but that’s possible on a rollover which means you will have to pay a fee to keep the loan for anything more than 14 days. Payday loans are high interest loans and should be returned as soon as possible.

Payday loans in 1 hour are also not possible. Right from the time you apply to getting the cash will take a minimum of 24 hours. You might be approved for a loan instantly but to get the cash in your bank account it will take at least 1 day.

Even though payday loans carry high interest rates, in some situations they can be very helpful. Payday loans are not necessarily as bad as people claim them to be. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of payday loans:

If you have made a payment through a check to someone and it gets bounced from the bank because of non-sufficient funds (NSF) – the fee the bank charges is much higher than the fee charged by payday loan lenders. Here it makes sense to apply for a payday loan and save the high cost of bounced check fees. Its not just the bounced check fee – writing a check with insufficient amount in bank is a criminal offense. It’s always better to avoid such legal hassles and take a payday loan to avoid such legal problems. Click here for state wise criminal laws in the USA for fraud or bounced checks.

Other advantages of payday loans are emergency medical bill payments (they can save a life), broken car repair (which needs to be repaired immediately), school fee of your children, paying rent, and any other unavoidable bill payments which helps us to live life comfortably.

One last advantage that should be mentioned here is the no hassle way of getting a payday loan. You can just apply online comfortably from home, office or anywhere else and get a payday loan the very next day with no hassle. Most payday loan companies do not even require faxing any document. It’s done 100% online. Compare this to a personal loan by bank. You will have a real though time filling applications and submitting documents that the banks ask before approving a loan. And by the time your loan will be approved, it may be too late. Moreover a point worth mentioning is that the banks don’t approve loans as low as $500 in US. It just does not make business sense to them. And the rates they give loans does not make small loans profitable. Banks also do not give loans to people with bad credit. So what do you do when you need a small cash loan? You can either turn to a friend or apply for a payday loan.

In that essence its better to take out a payday loan to get rid of the small problems of life rather than pondering over the high fee of these loans.

The real disadvantage lies in the interest rate of these loans. They are really huge. For example if you pay a finance charge of $17.50 for a $100 loan in 14 days it comes to an APR of 456.25%. Note that payday lenders call this a “finance fee” and not “interest rate”. Some lenders may charge less and some may charge more, but if you are taking a payday loan you have to live with this.

Late Payment and Non Payment Terms:

If you do not pay your loan according to its terms, your lender may:

Charge you late fees
Send your account to a collection agency
Report your information to a consumer reporting agency, which may negatively affect your credit score
Offer to renew, extend or refinance your loan, which may cause you to incur additional fees, charges and interest

We are not a lender. Only your lender can provide you with information about your specific loan terms and APR and the implications for non-payment of your loan. Ask your lender for their current rates and charges and their policies for non-payment.

APR and Repayment Terms:

Since we do not know your situation, we may not be able to predict actual APR (annual percentage rate) and the repayment terms. However our lenders may offer you a loan with an APR between 261% and 1304%. If you are approved for a loan, you will be presented with the full terms and conditions of the loan, which you may or may not choose to accept.

Remember our job is to search a direct lender to help you get a loan. The lender may offer a rate that is negotiable and also differs from person to person. Therefore it’s very difficult for us to pin-point the exact APR.

We are not a lender. Only your lender can provide you with information about your specific loan terms and APR and the implications for non-payment of your loan. Ask your lender for their current rates and charges and their policies for non-payment.

Loan Renewal Policies:

Every renewal policy is different. The renewal policy will be presented to you before you accept the terms. Please review and understand the policy before accepting the loan.

We comply with state and local regulations related to short-term loans. provides its services in compliance with Federal and applicable law.

Code of Practice/Policy on responsible lending: strictly follows the OLA (Online Lenders Alliance) Responsible Lending Policy.